And so it begins…

Things have been a bit crazy in the studio over the last week as I’ve recently signed up to an online course “The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design” (ABSPD) run by surface pattern designer, Rachael Taylor & entrepreneur of “Do What You Love”, Beth Kempton. I’m trying to juggle this with other freelance work and bespoke projects, so it’s been quite challenging!

But the first week of Module 1 was certainly a lot of fun and has opened my eyes to a lot of things. Encouraging you to go back to basics, move away from the computer and take pen to paper, looking for inspiration all around you and being free with what you create. I’ve found myself looking at everything in a very different way…my morning coffee with a biscuit left me doodling the patterns I could see on the biscuit surface and my walks with Bertie are now a little bit longer as I tend to find myself dawdling along, pausing to stop and take photos of patterns I see everywhere! It’s amazing where you can find inspiration!

Biscuit doodles :)
Biscuit doodles 🙂

Simple exercises have certainly helped me to get the creativity flowing again and find what inspires me. Whether it’s doodling along to music, sketching from my own photos or creating simple collages and drawing over the top, it’s been really refreshing to think outside the box and be free.

"Just for fun" activity of creating stripes...found myself doodling over the top using stitches and buttons - great fun!
“Just for fun” activity of creating stripes…found myself sticking down strips of paper and then doodling over the top using stitches and buttons – great fun!

It’s also really nice to have a design community you can share your drawings and ideas with, and get some honest feedback on what you’re doing. Since setting up my business 18 months ago, it’s been quite a challenge to adjust to working on my own, not having that creative environment and fellow designer friends around me to talk to about what I’m doing. I ask myself questions constantly, and sometimes even doubt myself, wondering if what I’m working on is a good idea or if it’s all just nonsense and a bit rubbish! It’s so difficult to take a step back from what you’re doing sometimes and look at your own work objectively, so it’s great to have other people on the course who can cast their eyes over it all and give you some reassurance and encouragement.

Am looking forward to this week’s activities and challenges as Week 2 of Module 1 continues…come back soon to find out how I get on!

I really am starting to live by the wonderful phrase;

Do what you love!
Do what you love!

Happy Monday everyone….I hope you all have a fun filled week whatever you do!