Thinking of you…

As we approach the end of another month in 2014, (where is the time going?!) there comes a very special week in the world of stationery, and in particular the greetings card world. During the week of the 22nd – 28th September, the Greeting Card Association is launching “National Thinking of You Week” to spread lots of love and happiness across the nation.


Today’s lifestyle can often be so manic and fast paced that we use the excuse that we simply “don’t have the time” to send handwritten cards anymore, but instead communicate with our friends and family through texts, emails or social media. And there’s a part of me that is saddened by this.

I always loved to receive a handwritten card from my lovely Gran, bless her, often just to say hello and to let me know that she was thinking of me, filling me in on her latest baking adventures or to give me the weather updates from her neck of the woods. They always made me smile and I loved the idea of her sitting there in her arm chair, with a cup of tea and no doubt a shortbread biscuit or two (unless my brother had visited beforehand and eaten them all!), writing a lovely “how are you” note to little ole me. It gave her a lot of pleasure and I love that she was from the era where writing cards was common practice – texts and emails were completely foreign to her so cards were her way of keeping in touch with everyone. I know that receiving a card back from me would make her day and would always result in a phone call to my mum to say how thrilled she was to receive a card from me. I loved that something so small and simple could bring so much happiness to her, and it felt good to be the cause of it.NTOYW_infoSo over the next week, why not send a card a day to someone you know; a friend, a family member, or maybe even a neighbour and help to bring a smile to their face. Say “hello” and let them know you’re thinking of them, or send them something funny to make them laugh. It could make a big difference if they’re feeling lonely or going through a hard time. Get involved and take just five minutes out of your day to hand write a card and brighten up someone’s day.

To encourage you to get involved in this fabulous wave of happiness, we’re offering 20% off all our greeting cards, simply enter THINK20 at the checkout. And with two brand new collections recently added, there are plenty to choose from!

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New “Celebrations” range

Get writing everyone, it will make you feel good – promise!!

On that note, today’s “feel good Friday” comes in the form of a little print I’ve designed, using the wonderful words of Mark Twain.

Have a great Friday everyone!CWD_Cheer someone upCWD_Cheer someone up